Georgie's Blog


Hey, my name is Georgie Lee and I like to write stuff and code.

My Setup

As this section is heavily a work-in-progress, here’s a picture of my setup for you to scrutinize.

Apart from writing and coding, I also like tinkering with hardware and building computers. I can’t count how many times I’ve pryed open my Xiaomi Pocophone F1 to do some repairs with parts sourced from AliExpress. One time, my phone slipped down and fell 5 feet into the toilet bowl before a competition 😞 - it died for a while. I left it to sit in a container filled with rice for about a week and while it came back to life, the battery was super short and the screen was dim and unresponsive! That’s the first time I’ve ever dug into a mobile device to replace parts. Prior to this, I only had experience building and upgrading my PC.

Speaking of PC, I’m running Manjaro i3 with the intention of migrating to Arch Linux soon. In this repo I document my adventures and tips for when I do actually make the jump! I’m most certainly going to blog about my journey too, so stay tuned.

I also like riding motorcycles and might have almost died once when my engine blew up on me (though I got away unscathed), but that’s a story for another time.