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Hoot Dat

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Hoot Dat is a real-time multiplayer question-and-answer guessing game where in each round, a player (answerer) - unknown to the rest - is randomly selected to answer a question. After the answerer has answered the question, the other players (guessers) have to guess who answered the question while a timer ticks away..

Sounds fun? Check it out here on your mobile device! No download required.

How Hoot Dat was born

Hoot Dat was built for CS3216 in a team of 4 (Gary, Ming Jie, Jonathan, and me) using React for the frontend and NodeJS/Express, Socket.IO, Redis, and PostgreSQL for the backend. The idea for this game was conceived when we were brainstorming on a virtual icebreaker game. At first, we were looking at games like Among Us,,, and 2-truths-1-lie, hoping to build something similar to them where people could hang out, get to know each other, and have a good time. But we didn’t want to copy what was already out there, so we cracked our heads further, thinking about what we could build that people would play.

Countless hours passed inconclusively debating over the game to build until finally, it stuck us. Why not build something that conveys the very spirit of icebreakers: getting to know each other better? It was such a simple motivation, yet it was the very answer to our predicament. And so we iterated further on that idea with a twist, leading to the conception of Hoot Dat, a fusion between Among Us and 2-truths-1-lie.