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Hoot Dat

September 29, 2020

HootDat Pictures

Hoot Dat is a real-time multiplayer question-and-answer guessing game where in each round, a player (answerer) - unknown to the rest - is randomly selected to answer a question. After the answerer has answered the question, the other players (guessers) have to guess who answered the question.

Sounds fun? Check it out here on your mobile device! No download required.

Typical playthrough

  1. A user (host) creates a new game room and sends the invite link/code to other people.
  2. They click it/enter the code and join the game lobby.
  3. In the lobby, the host can choose the set of questions for the game via:

    1. selecting one from the community contributed question packs; or
    2. selecting a question pack they previously created; or
    3. creating questions on the spot.
  4. Also, in the lobby, players can chat with one another 😉.
  5. Once the host has finished choosing the questions for the game, they can commence the game.
  6. The first round begins and a random answerer is chosen. There are 3 phases to each round:

    1. the answerer answers. While the answerer is answering, everyone else (guessers) wait.
    2. Once the answerer is done answering, everyone can start guessing who the answerer is while the answerer waits.
    3. Once everyone has finished guessing or the timer’s up, the answerer will be revealed and the updated scoreboard is shown to all. Those who guessed correctly get +1 point to their name.
  7. Step 6 is repeated for as many rounds (questions) there are. Once all rounds are done, a final scoreboard is displayed with the option for the host to restart the game from the lobby.


We felt that while there were existing online icebreaker games like,, 2 truths 1 lie, there weren’t many that could let us know one another on a more personal, context-centric level. When getting to know someone else, you’d likely ask a few questions like “what/where do you like to eat in school?” to find out what you guys have in common. But it’s boring, unnatural, and un-icebreaker-like to ask everyone in a newly formed group the same set of questions. So we had to twist it up a little; borrowing the imposter concept from “Among Us”, where one player is selected to be the imposter and the rest have to figure out who it is, we decided to randomly elect a person to be the answerer and the rest to guess who that is. And thus, Hoot Dat was born.

UI/UX Design

First off, it was really appropriate for us to use cute owls 🦉 as player avatars as owls go “hoot hoot”, symbolic of our game’s title. We were quite lucky and happy to have the concept, title, and art tie in so well like this. (WIP)

System Design

Here’s the high level overview of our game’s architecture: (WIP)

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