Introduction of Self

Hi, I’m Georgie!

I am currently an undergraduate pursuing Computer Science at the National University of Singapore, expecting to graduate by May 2023. In the past, I have worked on various fullstack projects and at various companies but since late 2020, I’ve been all-in in C++.

I am passionate about developer tools with a high skill ceiling for speed and efficiency such as (neo)vim, tmux, i3wm, and linux terminal. As an avid user of these tools, I have fine-tuned a set of config optimal for my productivity — for now. At present, I can perform almost all my common actions with just a thought and a few keystrokes, muscle-memory-like; but as demands shift in the future, so will my config. You may explore my config here.

Unsurprisingly, I am also passionate about physical tools — my setup. I in particular enjoy having many screens and a DIY 60% QMK mechanical keyboard because they have proved to improve my productivity and are an absolute bliss to work with. In addition, I use gateron clears to achieve a reasonably lower actuation force to increase my WPM.

About the website

This website was built with GatsbyJS, a React framework that generates these static pages at build time. It is optimal framework for sites like these with no dynamic data generated to achieve the best performance. I am also using the open source lumen starter which I have modified in code and other places to my taste.